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Becoming UNPROCESSED-- Your stomach is not a waste basket...

WARNING: this post is not for those who want excuses. We will be providing some serious motivation here and a healthy dose of tough love. This post is only for those who want nothing less than the absolute BEST LIFE for themselves and are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there....

"Your Stomach Shouldn't be a Waste Basket" 

How's that for an opening line? 

In what ways can your stomach become a waste basket? Well, ever heard of JUNK FOOD? What do we usually do with JUNK? That's right, throw it in the GARBAGE CAN...

Then why in the world have we allowed the food industry to convince us that it's okay to put into this beautiful body of ours and that it won't be stored there as TRASH and build TRASHY bodies?

Somehow, we've let ourselves be convinced that junk food, A.K.A. processed food, is an acceptable fuel for our bodies.

I know people, mostly men, who are sticklers for what kind of gas they put into their cars. They insist that certain gases run cleaner and therefore go out of their way to put higher grade fuel into their cars. Then these very same people will jump into those very same cars and drive themselves to a fast food drive through and feast on food that was made in a laboratory factory somewhere near the New Jersey turnpike.

Eric Schlosser, in his book Fast Food Nation, talks about how these foods are artificially produced to taste good with chemicals manufactured to smell and taste like or even better than the real thing. And David Kessler, in his book The End to Overeating, talks about how food processors and restaurants use the combination of fat, salt and sugar and LOTS of it, to make foods addictive so we keep coming back to buy more.

Trouble is, none of those foods offer nutrition and in fact, cause nutritional imbalances and deficiencies which lead to cravings, weight gain, mood swings and illness.

We deserve more. We deserve better. We deserve to put the highest grade quality fuel into these magnificent bodies so that we can maximize our potential to the fullest by having the highest energy, stamina, health and beauty so we can go out and live life and reach our purpose.

So I ask you: How much do you love yourself? How much do you respect yourself and feel you are worth? Shouldn't your food choices reflect that? Or do our food choices reflect low self-worth which shows in conforming to what "everyone else is doing" so that we can fit in and be accepted, but in so doing, our bodies become bloated and misshapen and we end up hating how we look and become sick in the process?

Yes, our friends define who we are and we choose who are friends are, and thus, ultimately we define ourselves by our beliefs about what we deserve. True friends want you to be healthy and happy and will support your health goals. 

We also can learn to manage stress in healthy ways such as stretching and deep breathing, watching our thoughts about stressful situations and not catastrophizing or blowing things out of proportion and by treating ourselves to massages, going for a run, listening to relaxing music or talking with a friend. All stressful situations are temporary, and we need to make sure we are eating high quality food and getting enough sleep so that we are in top condition to meet the challenge.

Friends, I'm going to be blunt. And I put myself in the same category, so it's not my finger pointing at you, but it's all of us. Processed food is as much as a drug in the body and is just as addictive and recreational drugs and pharmaceutical drugs are. Drugs are made from natural substances and are refined and concentrated to the point where it's a mega-dose to the body.  So are processed foods.

In the book The Pleasure Trap, Dr Doug Lisle talks about how processed food, with no fiber to slow down it's absorption,causes this huge serotonin pleasure hit in the brain and is every bit as addictive as drugs. Sugar, salt, white flour--are white powders just as cocaine is....and they all come from something that originally was a natural product, but the refining process created a monster out of it.

There have been studies showing that substances like MSG (monosodiumglutamate) cause weight gain and kill off brain cells by exciting them to death. Some get migraines from MSG, and David Kessler says that MSG is one of the substances responsible for making restaurant food taste so much better than home cooked food and thus so addicting. Just like a crack addict, we get addicted to the next high and we go through withdrawals when we don't eat it.

Then we've been fooled into thinking that this weight gain is all our fault. Somehow, we are supposed to magically be able to moderate ourselves into eating "just a little bit" of this food to prevent weight gain. It's crazy mixed messages and highly manipulative ones, that the food industry is sending. Even the weight loss industry colludes with this message by still giving us portion sized processed meals that leave us feeling starving and we keep on falling off of these "diets".

The exercise industry then steps in with it's crazy messages such as "you can eat as much as you want as long as you exercise it off" or "you can eat what you want as long as you are moderate---"moderation in all things" is one of the most ill-advised and oft-repeated messages and it keeps people from reaching their goals.

This is false. It's as false as me telling you that just a little bit of cocaine or crack or heroine won't hurt you.

Or a little bit of arsenic. Or a little bit of gasoline. 

We have been fooled and dare I say, lied to, about the effects of processed foods on our bodies. And, just as the tobacco companies have known for years how addictive their products were and wouldn't admit it until a whistle blower proved it with e-mails and documents, I can tell you that with the profits that these food industries are making, they know how addictive their foods are as well because THEY DESIGNED THEM THAT WAY ON PURPOSE SO THAT YOU WILL BUY MORE.

I know that sounds cynical, but use your common sense and take a look at the state of your body and that of those around you. How are our bodies handling processed foods? Not well at all

Moderation of these foods is not the answer. Total abstinence is the answer. Eat only foods that you would recognize as coming off a plant, from the ground or off a tree. Minimize or eliminate as much as you can any food that has been reduced to a liquid, had the fiber removed or had artificial chemicals added to it.

I have made this change and I have noticed a difference. I eat only fruit, vegetables and sprouted legumes. 
My skin and the skin of others that eat the way I do is what I notice the most amongst other things. Bodies that are dealing with processed foods do not have clear, glowing skin. Those who put high quality foods into their bodies, do. It's that simple. 

Not to mention better elimination, less allergies, more energy, I could go on. You will feel satiated. There is no craving that you can't fill with whole natural plant foods. You can make ice cream out of frozen fruit. Savory hearty comfort food from grains and legumes. Sweeten your life with dates and an infinite variety of fruits. Be creative. 

Just like a drug addict, you will go through withdrawals and aches and pains. This is to be expected. But you will find a new joy in your food sobriety and it will bubble up from deep inside of you.

I've been totally unprocessed now for almost 45 days. And I won't be going back. Now, keep in mind, I was eating what most would call a "healthy" diet. I was vegan and ate low-fat. So why was I still processed? Well, salsa in a jar has sodium chloride in it. Vegan restaurant food has MSG in it. And, pasta is refined flour. I had to get honest with myself and realize that vegan was not enough. Chef AJ in her book "Unprocessed" helped me to appreciate that refined foods, vegan or not, DID NOT BELONG IN MY BODY and were creating cravings and "emotional eating" when all that was really going on was that my body was not designed to put that kind of fuel into it. So, I made a commitment to go 90 days (I'm half way there and don't see myself stopping) and come hail or high water, I was going to not eat foods that were in any way shape or form processed by a human.

When you lose resolve or are temped by friends or triggers such as holidays or movies or other situations that normally derailed you in the past, here are two motivational pictures that has helped m e to stay on track:

I know most of you have no problems what-so-ever saying no to drugs. I know that you would walk away from friendships if they insisted that you take heroine with them or meth. 

What we need to do is change our mental paradigms in the way we view processed foods and put them in the same categories as illicit drugs and say to ourselves: I DON'T EAT THAT. Not when we are stressed (just like a drug addict would do), not when we are celebrating (just like an alcoholic would do), not when we are lonely or depressed or sad or any other time. But Not EVER.

We need to find healthy alternatives and plan ahead for success by having enough good quality fuel ready for us at all times.

If you feel weak and lose your resolve, come to this blog and reread this post for motivation. Take the unprocessed challenge with me and see if you notice a difference, too. Finally, feel what it feels like to gain control of your life and achieve the body and health you've always wanted. Sure, it takes planning, but you've planned for other things before so you can handle this.

Find your "why" and write it down and start to raise the standard for yourself of what you deserve and what you are worth. As Tonya Kay always says: "This is not a discount body". 

Don't live a discount, processed, junk-food life.

Peace and be well. With love, The Fruit Doctor.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Man vs Animal: Is it Possible to Meet our Health Needs without eating Animals?

I wanted to bring up this topic as I feel it's an important one. Indeed, I feel it's THE MAIN ISSUE at the heart of many people's reluctance to go or try vegan aside from food addiction of being addicted to certain foods, i.e. dairy (like I myself was).
I am working weekly over the phone with a coach who is trained in Non-violent communication which is an empathy-based way of relating with our own inner needs and those of others. It really resonates with me and I am growing a lot and see the potential for further growth as well.
One of the basic tennets of NVC is that we all have certain common basic needs that we are constantly striving to get met.
Here is a needs list that my coach recently shared with me. I will be going over this list in-depth with her in our next session as I feel a lot of these needs of ours get shamed in childhood and often we don't feel it's "okay" to have these needs, let alone ASK for them, not to mention recognize and validate them in others:


Individuality, being whole self



Preservation of life
Respect, seeing one another as whole

The well-being of those we love



Affinity/ Empathy
Love/ Intimacy/ Closeness
Shared values
Shared history and/or culture


Connection with life

In looking over this list, I would like to open my heart and share with you what needs of mine are met with the vegan lifestyle.
First, the need for connection with life is met as I see in animals a kindred spirit with the range of feelings  that I also have. In having had animals my whole life, they have brought a love, compassion, joy, loyalty and devotion that I have often missed in some of my human relationships.
My need for beauty is met by animal life as I often post pictures on my Facebook page of unbelievably beautiful creatures of varying shapes, sizes, textures and colors that often take my breath away.
My need for harmony is met as I feel that eating plants instead of animals helps animals to live out their full life potential while plants allow me to live up to mine and I am not doing this at their expense.
My need for health is also met because I feel I function and look my best when I don't consume animal products. Dairy foods in particular clog up my sinus and lungs and bloat my tummy while eggs and meat made me constipated and I had fowl stools.
While I have met many of my needs from eating this way, I have to acknowledge and realize that this is not the case for others. Some have experimented with an open heart and mind with veganism only to have some basic needs not met and have felt very frustrated with this experience.
One of the needs that is often not met with new vegans (an even some more experienced vegans) is the need for shared history and/or culture. Unless they are from a part of India that is already practicing a form of vegetarianism, or are of a religious faith such as Seventh Day Adventists who are  more frequently leaning towards a plant-based diet, there is often a feeling of isolation and feeling out of harmony and synch with the rest of society. 
Often the teasing, taunting and ridicule can take away one's tranquility and serenity that we all would like to have around meal times. 

The well-being of those we love is a big need for new parents who may have deep fears about making sure their newborn is getting the best nutrition for their Health. They have a need for reassurance with Information and Understanding/clarity as well as autonomy of choice as well as respect for their choices. 

In fact, pretty much everything in the above paragraph could apply to adults as well who might be considering or have tried a vegan diet for themselves and were not successful. This can create a deep sense of inner conflict of needs when we feel that we are forced to choose between the well-being of our own health versus the well-being of another creature (an animal) if we feel that consuming animal foods is what would effectively meet those needs.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is what needs are being met/not met with vegan activists and those to whom they interact with.

Vegan activists have needs of Empathy, Purpose/Meaning, Contribution, preservation of life, the well being of those we love,  and experience a deep sense of mourning at not seeing the needs of those whom they consider "voiceless".

The frustration of not meeting these needs often creates an outlash of anger of these vegan activists towards those whom they would desire to have shared values with others and Mutuality of Respect and seeing one another as whole.

Those who have experienced health problems from their experimentation with veganism, or those who have not tried veganism yet and hadn't made the decision yet with good Information often feel not heard and that their autonomy of choice or  Respect and seeing one another as whole is not acknowledged by vegan activists. And, their needs of empathy, support, communication, sense of community and other needs are not given consideration.

Thus a polarization develops and needs are not being met on either side. This frustration erupts into angry, defensive, accusatory exchanges which create a form of "violent communication" which are not congruent with the basic foundation of veganism which is compassion for ALL life.

We need a better way.

I have endeavored to share information on my blog in a non-judgmental way showing those thriving and benefiting on a vegan and raw vegan diet and how they are doing it as well as problems they may have experienced and ways that they have overcome them.

I, too, have run into some challenges on my vegan path and have experimented with various foods off and on to see the effects they have on my body.

At one point in my journey I even experimented with animal foods and was grateful I did as it confirmed that they did not indeed benefit me and I learned I could trust my own inner guidance of my body and didn't need to override it by listening to society's "educated" voices. 

There are others, however, that have seen tangible benefits from changing back to including animal foods.

My own observation on the matter, and this is just my own opinion based on my own research that I have done, is that those same needs can also be met by the plant kingdom.

Some times we need to add in more protein from legumes. As much as some vegans would like us to think that not getting enough protein is not an issue, depending on what "form" of veganism one pursues, one can indeed not get sufficient amino acids for the rebuilding and repair of the body.

I have interviewed several vegan body builders, fitness competitors and such to show that we can indeed get what we need in this area with a thoughtful, plant-based diet.

I do feel that we all have a need for more clarity and information, however, in the vegan community, as there is a substantial smaller portion of the human population eating this way than most and thus there are several different "types" of vegan diets that yield different results and this leads to success in some and failure to thrive in others and creates enormous confusion and fear.

For example, too much fat from vegetable sources, white flour, sugar, sodas, smoking, alcohol, or with some people, fruit-based diets that don't include leafy greens, sprouted beans or nuts, can create deficiencies that lead to serious health issues. They are all "vegan" diets, however, thus people blame "veganism" , which is simply the omittance of animal products, and not these other factors, thinking that as long as they don't eat animals that they are "getting everything that they need."

The real issue was either lack of protein (from plant-based sources) or lack of whole food nutrition that led to serious nutrient imbalances that could have been avoided with a more balanced approach. We need to eat WHOLE foods and not junk food vegan foods or SAD vegan foods (i.e. tons of fat just like the SAD diet).

I desire for greater respect, thoughtful communication and shared common values (our health), with vegans and non-vegans so that we can exchange solid information and come to conclusions that meet all of our mutual needs. We don't need to polarize and be pit against each other.

I invite you to share your experience and what needs were either met or not met when you tried a vegan diet, are on a vegan diet, are considering a vegan diet, or are not considering a vegan diet nor want to and perhaps I can share mine with you and we can both grow.

 My ultimate desire is for the well-being of those whom I share this earth with and that includes all humans that I come in contact with to create a sense of community, understanding and connection with all life. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mark Martell: Raw Vegan Bodybuilder--Yet Another Amazing Transformation

Please visit my new website to see this interview:

Cancer and the Healing Benefits of Massage

I wrote a blog about the power of touch in this article and a reader of my blog, Melanie Bowen, contacted me regarding an article she wrote on the healing benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients.

I will share the article she wrote below as it makes all kinds of sense. In a class for my Natural Hygiene degree, we studied work that Norman Cousens did on psychoimmunoneurology, better known as the mind/body connection on how stress affects our immune system.

Powerful healing chemicals are released when we are calm and feel safe and serene. Massage is one proven way of relaxing and as we learned via previous posts I did on the electro-magnetic energy field of the heart, one person's heart waves can be transmitted to another person via touch and we can affect the brain and heart waves of another. We've all seen the calming effects a mother's caress can have on a crying child.

I do believe healing of cancer is a total solution of a plant-based diet (please read The China Study), preferrably raw, and stress management techniques such as breathing, support groups and other healing therapies such as massage. See the blog post I did interviewing Chad Venucci, who healed his stage 4 brain cancer with a raw plant based diet.

Please share this article as you see fit, and even incorporate massage into your life even if you don't have cancer now, as a treat to yourself and a preventative measure:

Massage Therapy Increases Quality of Life During Cancer Treatment

Massage as a therapeutic form of touch appears in nearly every culture and dates
back to prehistoric times. Western medicine has been slow to validate the claims of
benefits resulting from massage therapy, but these benefits are routinely showed in
peer-reviewed studies. Researchers reviewed 37 studies of massage therapy and
found the greatest effects were on depression and anxiety. Specifically the results of
massage therapy for these conditions were on par with results from psychotherapy.

A diagnosis of cancer often occurs before the person manifests symptoms. The
diagnosis is the trigger for symptoms of anxiety and depression, both of which are
made worse by the damaging effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and/or hormone
therapy. Emotional stability is a critical factor in quality of life making it a central
consideration in cancer treatment.

Cascading Effects of Emotional Well-being

Mental status was once thought separate from physical health concerns, but this
conception has changed radically in the past 30 years. Meditation studies
consistently show dramatic changes in brain function and other benefits down to the
chromosomal level. Mood and outlook on life are tightly interwoven with all
physiological processes.

The best example uncovered by research so far is the effect of anxiety on hormone
production. Anxiety is a chronic expression of the fight-or-flight response, and it
triggers the same inflammatory hormone pathways. With corresponding activity, the
fight or flight that is comparable to exercise, there is no anti-inflammatory counter-
production. This causes problems with healing, toxin removal, and damage to the
circulatory system.

Emotional stability on the other hand increases an individual's ability to tolerate
stress of all kinds. Massage therapy supports stability and hence the production of
anti-inflammatory hormones. This extends to the experience of pain. In the study
cited above, researchers found consistent evidence that pain assessments were
lower among massage groups versus the controls.

Specific Cancer Applications

The benefits make massage therapy exceptionally well-suited to cancer treatment.
One of the newest complimentary treatments supported by every leading research
organization is exercise. Whether the cancer is mesothelioma or childhood
leukemia, experts recommend exercise be used under the care of a licensed
physical therapist. The trouble is that many patients drop out of exercise programs
due to pain and fatigue. Massage therapy is a good choice in conjunction with an
exercise program.

Side Effects of Massage Therapy

Few side effects are noted, but they are important. The doctor often delays patients
from participation in massage therapy after the initial diagnosis. An initial diagnosis

is often incomplete, and the doctor needs to know where the cancer is, the size of
tumors, and the likelihood of damage from touch. This information must be relayed
to the massage therapist to prevent side effects.

Massage therapy offers a unique way for every patient to maintain mental health
and physical well-being. Some studies suggest it is even more effective when used
with breath meditation. Alternative treatments are becoming more mainstream, but
it is still crucial for patients to consult with their doctor before engaging in alternative

You can read more of Melody's articles on her blogs:

or visit her webpage at:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

High Blood Sugar

So since my last post, I have been experimenting with all raw again. I have been eating a head of romaine lettuce a day, one full head of cauliflower, grape tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, parsley and lemon in a raw "tabouli" and a container of blueberries daily.

I feel great. Stable energy. No cravings. No Raynaud's. No problems. No female pain. Clear skin.

So I did a little Google search online for "high blood sugar" since the way I am eating is specifically focused on being low-glycemic. I found some VERY interesting things. Especially with regards to my body's response to high-glycemic fruits like bananas, dates and watermelon and my endometriosis and Raynaud's:

Why do some women grow mustaches while some men grow breasts and start crying at movies? You may be surprised to know these embarrassing traits are typical high blood sugar symptoms.
High blood sugar is caused by a diet high in sweets, soda, and starches (breads, pasta, rice, corn, potatoes, etc.) This diet consistently raises blood sugar levels, which in turn requires the body to secrete high levels of insulin to lower blood sugar. Eventually these insulin surges exhaust the body’s cells and they refuse entry to insulin. This is called “insulin resistance” and it triggers enzymes that cause men to overproduce estrogen, a female hormone, and women to overproduce testosterone, a male hormone, both of which are high blood sugar symptoms. As a result, the body and brain of men and women take on characteristics of the opposite sex. Women experience hair loss, more facial hair, a deepening voice, and may develop PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Men grow “breasts” (Gynecomastia) and find themselves crying more easily.
Do you feel sleepy after eating?
These hormonal trends can be reversed through nutritional therapy, exercise, and other factors. A handy tip: If you feel sleepy or crave sugar after a meal, you ate too many starchy foods. If you feel sleepy after a low-carb meal, you may need specific support for insulin resistance to address hormonal imbalances:

High Blood Sugar Symptoms:
How do you know if you have high blood sugar symptoms? See if any of the symptoms below describe you:
  • Fasting blood sugar over 100 mg/dl
  • Fatigue after meals
  • Crave sugar after meals
  • Constant hunger
  • Excess belly fat, or a waist girth that is equal to or larger than hip girth
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Prone to insomnia
  • Don’t feel rested after eight hours of sleep
  • Women grow facial hair; experience thinning hair
  • Men grow “breasts”
  • PCOS in women
  • Hormonal imbalances in both sexes
And I also found this as well:

But if the blood sugar goes very high then lets say over 200 or so, then it can cause symptoms and the classic symptoms would be increased thirst, increased urination, general fatigue, vaginal infections in women, and even blurred vision can occur from the high blood sugar.
These symptoms, as I say, may not occur, or they may occur in any combination, but what's causing them is that the sugar is thickening the blood, so it's really like taking maple syrup and pouring maple syrup into a glass of water. If you do that after a while, the water gets thicker and thicker, and in the bloodstream, the brain then reads that as the blood's too thick, I need to drink in order to dilute back out the blood, and when I drink and I drink, sometime people with diabetes drink gallons of water in a day, when drink and I drink, I have to put it somewhere, and where I put it is to urinate it out. That's not really solving the problem, it's not really curing the diabetes in any way or treating it, but thirst and urination is the classic symptom of diabetes and indicates that you do need help

Hmmmm. Thickening of the blood? That could definitely cause lack of circulation to the extremities....isn't this why most vegans avoid animal foods is to avoid the clumping of red blood cells that cause heart attacks?

And increase in estrogen in women and men? Could that be what caused my endometriosis?

I find it interesting that starches are specifically mentioned.

I do find that potatoes and corn are big no-no's for me.

I also would put very sugary fruits in the same category. new raw diet is going to include lots of veggies, berries, stone fruits and I will experiment with some sprouted legumes when I get Annette Larkin's video in the mail. 

I still don't know what I think about nuts yet. I have them in moderation----EXTREME moderation.

But doing all veggies with some blueberries has worked out great for me so far......

The experiment continues......:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Always Experimenting, Always Learning....

I haven't written in awhile.

For a lot of reasons.

Mainly, I have gone within to experiment and contemplate a lot...away from the critical questions and eyes of the find me and what works for me.

I have experimented with not eating fruit for awhile and wanted to give it some time until I shared how it's working with "everyone".

I love fruit. I do. It's so beautiful and tasty. I had some today and yesterday in fact, and it's the first I've had in a long time.

I don't exactly know where my relationship with fruit will end up in the end, if there really will be and end, but I do know that for now what is necessary is that I give it up totally to see what effect that has on my body.

What have I been eating instead?

Well, mainly brown rice, garbonzo beans (chickpeas) and lots of lettuces.

I am thinking about going back to raw, but mainly veggies and then sprout the garbonzo beans.

I had some donut peaches, blueberries and apricots these last two days. I felt the need for more variety and for something "sweet."

Why did I stop eating fruit?

Well, for one thing, I was sick and tired of being cold all the time and I noticed that high-sugar veggies and fruit would trigger my Raynaud's where my fingers turn numb and cold and dark blue or completely white. This would happen even in the summer time. I would  get it after drinking pineapple juice, sweet potato or carrot or beet juice. The only common denominator I could think of was sugar. So....the experiment to cut out these foods and eat higher protein foods and lower-sugar foods has yielded way less incidences of my Raynaud's.....

It also has yielded almost perfectly clear skin almost 100% of the time. No rosacea flares hardly ever.

And, my endometriosis cramps are WAY, way down (hardly existent) and my cravings for food are gone and so are my allergies....

So....I am experimenting with vegan foods that agree with me and adding things back slowly.

I still do no salt. I still do low-fat.

And, after reading the book Wheat Belly, I have resolved once and for all, to give up wheat for GOOD.

I went vegan several years ago after reading several of Dr. John McDougall's books. His "original" program recommended or condoned bagels, pasta, etc.

I didn't do well on his program.

Whenever I would "cheat" on vegan foods it was always with wheat: Indian food Paan bread, vegan cheeseless pizza, pasta with marinara sauce, bagels,, Subway's veggie delight sandwiches, etc.

I realize after reading this book that aside from the time that I was eating a fruit diet, I have hardly went a time in my whole life where I never ate wheat. I grew up on the stuff----Chef Boy R D's Raviolio's, Kraft's Mac and Cheese, Oreos, bread, Olive Garden, Pizza, you name it.

The book talks about the insulin resistance that dairy causes, but puts most of the fault flat square on Wheat's shoulder's.

It blamed skin rashes on wheat, cataracts on wheat, weight gain on wheat (along with corn tortillas, soda, and other high glycemic foods including bananas, figs, dates and raisins) and other things....

So I realize that I need to eat low-glycemic which is a challenge as a vegan. I realize, too, that there are probably a lot of people out there like me which is why a lot of people try vegan and then go back to eating meat or paleo or something because they have genuine problems.

There are a lot of vegan dishes and foods that are very high-glycemic because most vegan diets are based on carbs.

So that is why I am excited to be working on some interviews with some raw vegans who are not high-carb and who have aged really well and look beautiful.

I can't wait to bring their information to you.

I also am committed to my own growth and betterment and not some dogma. I realize I have lost "friends" due to this journey and that some are simply a tad upset.

I am not here to purposely offend anyone, I simply want to find what works best for ME.

As I continue on my journey, I also am reading some fascinating books on electro-magnetic field's affects on the body and healing, as well as people who say they can communicate with animals via "heart to heart" communication.

This last area is fascinating to me. I have an appointment tomorrow with a gal who practices empathy-based Non-violent communication skills, which I really want to hone in on. I also have been reading a lot on the electro-magnetic field that the  human heart gives off and how this can affect other's and even our own health.

I find all of this as fascinating, if not more fascinating, than diet itself as the mind/body connection is a powerful one that compliments perfectly a dietary regime that is healthful.

There simply is more to the equation than food and that is a FACT that should not be overlooked.

I also realize that "friends" come and go and when out with the old, the new comes in....and sometimes this is a necessary fact of life.

I'm okay with all of it. I love this journey I am on and it's always exciting, always new, always rewarding.

I am grateful for all I am learning and if some small part helps someone else on their own journey, then so much the better.

Where it will end is anyone's guess, but I suppose it really doesn't matter. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charlie Abel: Raw Vegan Bodybuilder

Please see my new e-book about Plant-based athletes that has an expanded interview by Charlie Abel and other bodybuilders and fitness competitors as well as endurance athletes explaining how to get super-fit and healthy on a raw plant-based diet.

Go here for your copy: