Monday, July 30, 2012

Mark Martell: Raw Vegan Bodybuilder--Yet Another Amazing Transformation

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  1. Great job, Mark.
    Your story is inspiring.
    I too am taking a similiar journey. Having been raised on a beef farm, I thought I had to have meat "to be healthy".
    At 5'7" and 230 lbs I was anything but!
    Since becoming a vegan and working a daily workout routine my life and my health have changed in amazing ways!
    Now, at 166 lbs. and a 31" waist I am feeling great about the way I look but ultimately I feel great about my future.
    Thank you again for your inspiring story!
    Many blessings.

  2. wow great story this give me even more motivation that i can build alot of muscle on a raw diet.

  3. He has pretty flabby breasts in some of those photos. He doesn't look "natural".


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