Sunday, September 29, 2013

Healing Breast Cancer Naturally--Jane Plant

We've all seen the pink ribbons to support breast cancer and early detection but few have heard about how to heal breast and prostate cancer naturally via dietary changes.

Read about Jane Plant and how she overcame her breast cancer which had come back five times but then disappeared in six weeks never to return when she made this one dietary change and then helped 63 other women do the same:

Saving Your Own Seed--Like Printing your own MONEY

Learning how to grow your own food and save your seeds is one of the most empowering things you could ever do. It saves you money and gives you complete control over how your food is grown and your health.

Read how to here:

Empathy is Graciousness and Good for Our Bodies

It seems we all have more and more daily stresses upon us with losing family members to death from SAD-induced diseases to financial stresses and worries about the future. Read how one woman vented her frustrations out on a complete stranger and this stranger's compassionate response changed the day for the both of them:

World's Fastest Runners Eat a PLANT STRONG diet

The world's fasted man just set a new world record as he inches towards a sub-2 hour marathon. Read how Wilson Kipsang and other Kenyan runners as well as other top athletes across the world fuel their success here:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Get Fit and Lean while eating Dessert!!!

Both of my e-books "Powered by Plants" and "Decadently Free Desserts" are designed to motivate and inspired you that you can get fit and healthy even if you're in poor health and to give you the recipes to show you how to live a healthy life while not being deprived.
In "Powered by Plants" you will get interviews from these inspiring people:
Dr. Ruth Heidrich
Kathleen Leonard
Chris Califano
Charlie Abel
Sofia Sabeti
Erin Moubray Simpson
Pam Boteler
Buy BOTH for an added value.
Go to the link below to order your copies today:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

When Vegans Get Cancer

When vegans get cancer, it can be unsettling. Read about possible reasons why here:

Decadently Free Desserts--Manage Diabetes and Celiac While eating ice cream, cake, pudding, muffins and more!

My new recipe book is here! Full of sugar free, fat free, dairy free, salt free and gluten free desserts. Go to to get your copy~! If you know someone with diabetes or celiac that needs to be on a gluten-free diet, then they don't have to give up desserts to be healthy. :)