Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charlie Abel: Raw Vegan Bodybuilder

Please see my new e-book about Plant-based athletes that has an expanded interview by Charlie Abel and other bodybuilders and fitness competitors as well as endurance athletes explaining how to get super-fit and healthy on a raw plant-based diet.

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  1. What a fabulous interview!!! Thanks so much for this, Michele.

  2. Michele, I read somewhere that Charlie says that one of the difference between when he was not raw and now is that his muscles are a bit less big, and he thinks it's because of his not so young age. Do you think this might be a real reason? Also here he said he has thinned a bit, but I wonder if age is such a decisive factor in muscle size

  3. So, is Charlie Abel's diet to be considered a low fat one even if he eas nuts for the proteins?

  4. Hi Michele!
    Glad I finally found you. I missed you on Raw Natural Hygiene. Great interview with Charlie. He is a true inspiration and a great example of what hard work can accomplish on a raw vegan diet.

    Love & Peace,


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