Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dry Skin and Calcium--Making the connection

Dry skin has many causes, but many don't know that one of them is calcium deficiency:

Getting Rid of that White Pasty Look: Get your GLOW on

Learn how to get a healthy glow without a suntan:

Is Your Doctor Healthy?

In today's post I talk about why it's important that those who you take advice from are as healthy as you want to become:

Conquering Sugar Cravings and Eating Healthy on the Go

In today's video I show how to conquer sugar cravings and eat healthy while out of the home:

Are You a Stress Eater?

Here I share tips on dealing with stress eating so that it doesn't derail your healthy eating program:

Juicing Versus Supplementation

Do you take vitamins and minerals to get everything you need? See why juicing would be a better option:

How to Deal with Social Situations when Trying to Eat Healthier

Ever tried to make changes in your diet only to be derailed by pressure from family, friends or co-workers?

Here's tips I share on how to handle that: