Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 3: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant that is important to get enough of daily.

It's a fat soluble vitamin that prevents oxidation in the body so it protects against free radicals.It prevents saturated fatty acids and Vitamin A from breaking down and combining with other substances that may be harmful to the body.

The benefits of this vitamin take time, indeed months, to become apparent. Vegetable oils are a high source of this vitamin, but because they are also high in Omega 6 EFA's, which brings the body out of balance with Omega 3's, I don't recommend using oils as a source of this vitamin.

There is some evidence that Vitamin E can slow down the progression of Parkinson's. PMS and breast tenderness are lessened and eliminated when we get enough of this nutrient. Yay!

Some have reported that it eliminates persperation odor and improved nearsightedness and crossed eyes.

What are sources for raw vegans?

The RDA is 15:

Sunflower seeds (1 oz) 9.3
Carrot juice (12 carrots) 4.8
Red Bell Pepper (1 whole) 2.4
1 head broccoli: 4.7
1 head romaine lettuce: .8
One mango: 2.3

If you are fruitarian, then mangoes, red peppers and sunflower seeds are your best option, if you are cooked vegan, then sweet potatoes have 1.4.

Almonds are high as well. If you are looking to keep all fats low, then carrot juice and broccoli are your best bets.

Today I had:

Juiced one head cabbage and 6 carrots
Blended with 5 small green apples, 1 cup peaches
and 1/2 head of romaine and handful of spinach and one head broccoli

Lunch: 5 persimmons blended with 1/2 head romaine

one head broccoli

Dinner: 1/2 head cauliflower blended with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and 2 red bell peppers cut into slices dipped in soup.
One head iceburg lettuce
1 brazil nut (for selenium)

After dinner smoothie:

juice of one head cabbage, 6 carrots blended with 2 cups strawberries and 5 small apples and handful of spinach

For Vitamin E, I got 27.5 and 2500 calories.

So far, so good. No hunger, no cravings, just enjoying my food. I was experimenting
 with adding in some sunflower seeds, but I'd rather get my vitamin E from non-fatty foods as I feel better that way.

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