Monday, January 9, 2012

Crush Cancer! Meet Chad who did just that....

I learned about a very inspiring local man that I would love to meet: Chad, who overcame brain cancer and went on to compete in an Ironman! Who knew that someone so inspiring lived so close by?

He did it by going vegan and drinking wheatgrass and green smoothies and eating lots of salads and cleaning up the chemicals he used on his body and in his home. Hopefully, one of these days I can interview him and share some recipes. His website is and he has several resources on there on how he did it.

More and more, people are realizing that they need to take responsibility for their health.

The documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead has inspired so many people to the benefits of raw juices.

That's great, however, what I'm seeing is that people don't know how to EAT WELL when they are done.

There is so much conflicting information out there with regards to how to eat healthfully, yet The China Study and the documentary Forks Over Knives has shown us that a vegan diet is not just about animal rights: a plant-based diet is the most healthy diet for man and the health of the chinese proves this out.

A vegan diet is only health-producing, however, if it is a whole foods diet that eschews white flour, sugar and soda pop as well as fried foods and oils and includes plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.

This word needs to get out. Cancer as well as heart disease, should be, in the words of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a "toothless tiger". We can turn this trend around and it's not going to happen from the medical industry per se, even though there's some notable exceptions as cited above.

People inspiring people like Chad has done above and sharing how they've done it is how new trends emerge and take fire.

Even Venus and Serena Williams are going raw vegan to overcome Sjorgen's, an autoimmune disorder.

We tend to think "Oh, I could never do that".

Believe me, once upon a time I thought the same way. I LOVED and was addicted to dairy foods and sugar and chocolate. Now, I don't eat them.

Giving up pizza, Olive Garden and Taco Bell was hard, but when you learn to make delicious juices and raw food dishes, you don't miss them. Plus, you have the health and energy that you never had eating those foods.

I am so grateful to this way of eating for helping me overcome endometriosis. The traditional medical route of surgery or hormone pills just didn't sound appealing at all to me.

Gaining your life back is empowering. Especially conditions like brain cancer and endometriosis that the medical industry has a lack luster success rate with.

Medicine has it's virtues: trauma care and surgery for congenital defects have come leaps and bounds from 100 years ago. But medicine has it's limits and that's where we need to take responsibility for how we live, sleep, eat, drink and exercise. That's why I am looking forward to getting my PhD in Holistic Nutrition by this spring so I can help people build faith in their own body's ability to heal when given the right conditions.

Your health and quality of life are within YOUR control. Which life are you gonna choose? You are not a victim of circumstance:


  1. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post! It replied almost all of my questions, and it's very encouraging! I can't wait for you to get your PhD!! Good luck!

  2. What do you think of The China Study? Apart from the so much criticism of it, some people even think that Campbell lied...well, in a world where so many people spend their lives lying, it would be no wonder actually...

  3. I love the China Study and think it was a great scientific study. Any great truth is going to be's just too threatening to the status quo...that's to be expected. The proof is in the results people are getting.


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