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Uttley Raw Foods--Meet Roslyn

I'd like you to get to know someone that I've had the pleasure to get to know from afar....Roslyn Uttleymoore. I first became aware of Roslyn through her raw classes she taught "Uttley Raw Food".

Over the last couple of years I've come to get to know her vivacious spirit and zest for life and wanted to share her with the rest of you and what's possible when you change your diet and live well.

Hey Ros! You beautiful thing you. Let's show you off to the rest of the world and how you get that radiance of yours shall we? ;)

1) How did you come upon the vegan and then raw vegan lifestyle?

My whole life has evolved around food, the love of, the discovery of new tastes, and as many diets as any one woman can try.

I was heading to a more conscious way of eating after moving to Queensland Australia, I embarked upon a course of massage, that involved a live in program that was vegetarian, I found it suited my body, and I felt so good.

That was 12 years ago, and from then I have embraced a plant based fruit and vegetable diet.

How old were you then and how old are you now? 

I was early 40's when I started to eat with more awareness and I am now 56 born March 21 1956

Was it hard to transition? 

Not at all, but I must say, I did move to raw, vegan with all the raw gourmet recipes, that are filled to overflowing with fat. 

I had absolutely no trouble giving up my addictions of dairy and grains, with this process, but I don't  think it was in any way healthy.

I would not recommend any one eat that amount of nuts and seeds in order to replace animal fats with plant fats.

I was also teaching classes of Raw Food preparation using all the raw gourmet fats for 3-4 years. I can say I have done the full circle and eradicated all fats from my diet
except Chia seeds and the occasional flax cracker.

 What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

My greatest challenge was giving up grains, I have eaten wheat, rice, pasta, breads, cereals pretty much every day of my life up until I chose to make the shift.

It took me 4 years to be free of grains, and I will never go back.

2) What does a typical day's diet look like for you?

This changes with the seasons, but typically I eat chia seeds, goji berries and loads of fresh seasonal fruit for breakfast, with Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina and Maca powder.

I don't usually eat a lunch meal, rather I might graze on fruit, or simply have a cup of tea. As I have breakfast around 10am and my main meal about 3-4pm lunch is not an essential meal for me.

Dinner will be a large salad most of the time, but if I am cold I will have a cooked vegetable soup, which will simply be a blend of fresh vegetables blended.

How about your daily exercise routine?

Exercise is a daily ritual for me, I will always walk at least 1 hour per day, plus depending where I am in the world, it may include a gym work out, surfing, swimming, or any other adventure that I can enjoy.

Do you count calories? 

I used to, but now I have a very good idea of what I eat and roughly how many calories I have each day.

I have at times eaten as little as 1000 calories per day, if I want to drop any added pounds, but I generally eat around 2000 -2500 to maintain my body weight.

At 5' 3" I like to stay around 44 kilos just under 100 pounds.

What proportion of your diet would you say is fat? Fruit? Greens? Guesstimate if necessary.

99.9% is fruit and vegetables the only fat I consume is chia seeds and the occasional flax cracker

4) What made you start Uttley Raw Foods and what do you offer there?

I started Uttley Raw Food, when I realised my clients would benefit from a food co-op and food classes, to show them how to eat.

We currently have our retreat for sale and no longer offer the co-op or classes.

5) Some doubt that raw foods really can help preserve a youthful appearance. You have such a radiant youthful appearance that some might wonder if you've had any cosmetic surgery. Do you mind sharing that with us? If you haven't had any what is your "youth" secret?

Hahahahaha - Definitely no cosmetic surgery - maybe a bit of photoshop !!! 

No secrets !!

6) What are your favorite recipes?

Grabbing some GR8 fruits and veg and eating them as simply as possible. 

Doing the food classes was a GR8 discipline for me as I choose not to follow recipes when I prepare my own meals.

I love tastes and textures and I have learned to listen to what my body wants

7) What do you do for skin and hair care?

Bare minimal :)

I have always washed/ cleansed my face every single night since I was 15. 

I just love the clean feeling a warm face cloth every morning to freshen, before applying a natural no added anything face cream

The one I am using now is Bee Natural, I use their face cream and body lotion every day.

8) How did menopause go for you?

2EZY I only experience light hot flashes, noticeable to me, but quite bearable.

No other symptoms.

Anything that you would recommend that would help?

A clean diet, exercise and maca powder.

9) What are some transformational and/or healing stories you've heard from your clients?

Sorry way to many, can't think of anything right now, other than the typical good feeling that comes from cleansing the body.

10) How long do you think it would take for someone new to raw to see results? 

That can happen within 24 hours

How many results and how far each person wants to go, is totally dependent upon their choices.

What results could they expect?

This is such a big Q. depends on what they are giving up grains, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, animal products…………

It also depends on how much cleansing they are prepared to do……. Juicing, smoothies, skin brushing, colonics, coffee enemas, raw foods, cooked foods, this has been my lifes journey
I did not do this overnight. It has taken me 56 years to develop and reach my awareness of exactly what my body needs.

11) Anything else you'd like to share with us?

I refuse to be put in a box or labelled for what or how I eat.

I eat a Roslyn diet, and that may change depending on what Roslyn needs at any given time.

I don't eat any typical diet plan, or conform to any one else's idea of what they think I should eat.

When I was consulting with clients on nutrition, it was my goal to empower them to find out what and how they felt after eating certain foods and to react and respond
directly to that information.
Not to depend on me to inform them or give them lists of what I think they should eat.
I was always happy to guide them but never to tell them.

This is great advice and I would agree. Listen to your body as you transition and go at your own pace. Enjoy the process and don't let anyone else define your path for you. Listen for ideas but in the end, it's your journey.

Be well. 

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