Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 53: Decisions, Decisions....

Day 53 finds me writing the content for my up-coming telecourses on emotional eating and addiction and writing up the recipes for my new recipe book.

So I was working with a graphic designer to design the cover of my new recipe e-book which features nothing but raw vegan fat-free veggie recipes and after going back and forth with him a couple times trying to get it right, I figured it would probably be easier and more economical to just purchase the software and do it myself. are the final three covers that I'm deciding on. I need your feedback. Which one appeals to you the most? One, Two or Three?

Here were some other choices, but they weren't my favorites. But, who knows? Maybe you like them better? So I'm adding option number four and five.

Voting down below please and thanks in advance for your help. :)


  1. the red one i like looks good

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Nicole. And thanks for the great tip on the natural organic market. :)

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  4. The middle one from the top group ... or the first one from the bottom two. Good luck!

  5. From: Mary Eggleston
    Michelle, I like the 4th one. It captured my attention because of the attractive and maybe everyday foods we can make ourselves. I would definitely, as a consumer look through your book, just because of that cover. Good luck, and I can't wait till it comes out so I can add it to my accumulation of raw books/ebooks!

  6. I like 4 & 5, too! Yummy! :))


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