Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 51: Endurance and seeing it through to the end...

This quote was posted on I Love to Run's FB page today:

"The Marathon is not about the race, it's about commitment... It's not about instant gratification, it's about endurance. It's not about the thrill, it's about passion. To run a marathon, you need to not only commit to the sport, you need to commit to yourself. In short, to run a marathon, you need to be a runner."

For those of you who have ever undertaken a fast of any length before, I'm sure you'd agree (especially if you've also attempted to train for a marathon which I have) that there is indeed many similarities in the mental journey one goes through while on the fast as well as when you are running the marathon.

Both require your mental abilities to override the monkey mind asking you to quit and asking you "WHY are you doing this???"

Today was one of those days. It's Day 51. Not a particularly sexy number. It's passed the 1/2 way mark, but well before the finish line. I'm tired. I had a lot to do and did indeed get it done and am impatient with the results 'cause I want it NOW already...isn't 51 days long enough to do the job???

In addition, the other condition that I've undertaken this fast for, endometriosis, is also challenging me: I still have not gotten my period--it's been 17 days late now--which is fine with me except that I've had constant cramps the entire time--not so fun...I know it's detox, but it's a royal pain to say the least. They finally subsided today. My only theory on this is that as fat is breaking down on my body (and it IS breaking down, I can see it in the mirror) all the trans-fats and oils that were stored in my fatty tissues are in my bloodstream, not only making me irritable, but creating my body to make prostaglandins from them that create inflammation. Eventually, with those off of my body, there will be no further source of this as I am not ingesting them and things will improve. Stay the course, Michele...

Fortunately, in preparation for my Natural Hygiene PhD, one of the textbooks required is one on Fasting by the late Herbert Shelton. Reading about all the ways people were healed and rejuvenated while fasting is so inspirational at this time. And, he mentions that some conditions such as hay fever (one of the reasons I am juice feasting for 90 days) take longer than others and may take many weeks....I'm glad to know that I'm on the right path. I just need to continue.

So how did I manage? I took a nap for one thing and I'm also going to bed early and sleeping in tomorrow. When I get irritable, I know my body needs rest to catch up on some healing and some housecleaning.

Again, I am writing all this out so that in the future, those of you who are inspired to attempt such a journey can reread mine and know that this is normal, that it passes, and is just part of the process...

The last week or so has been tough, but I can see the discomfort subsiding and so there is hope. And the sun has been coming out and it's been warming up and there are pink and white blossoms on the trees outside....

I may have another out of town one-week trip coming up around the end of my juice feasting journey, but hey--I've already managed to bring my juicer with me and I'll be so close to the end that why in the world would I let that stop me? No sirree, doodle, not me. I'm going the distance and it's going to be  as Tony the Triger says:


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    1. I had made a mistake, so i'll write my question again: it is an OT question: Michele, would it be possible to join this new blog of yours with your previous one? It was so nice, and I am so sorry that I cannot read it any more!

  2. Lindy,

    I had deleted my previous blog so this is the only one I have now. Sorry.

  3. This post was fascinating (and so helpful for me). Thanks, Michele! I've been eating very low-fat (all plants, some cooked) consistently for the first time in a long time and have been experiencing some similar symptoms. Since other parts of my body are happily healing, I figured these other symptoms were likely detox and/or further signs of healing. I really appreciate your insights and am excited to see how things progress for you (and me)! :)


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