Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 48: Dealing with Food Addiction....the Nation's Biggest Killer

"You are sitting at the heartbeat of a sphere of influence of unlimited potential. What if the reason to get up in the morning and make that green juice isn't just for your benefit – it's for the benefit of every set of eyes in the world that looks up to you for answers and a way out of their pain, pimples and chronic ills?" - Tera Warner

I have an estranged relationship with my sister-in-law who is very overweight. Her mother (my husband's mother) died at age 59 from diabetes-related complications. She had an amputated leg and was on dialysis for 10 years. Due to her eating addiction, she passed those eating habits to her children.

 Her oldest son was obese his entire adult life and died at age 44 from diabetes. He had an amputated leg and was blind in one eye.

So yesterday we find out through my husband's father that his sister (who's 46) had that new surgery that they are touting as the solution to diabetes that is similar to gastric by-pass and she won't be eating for the next 14 days....she could've just done juicing and saved having to have part of her intestines removed....

 I have decided to join forces with a friend and have tele-classes on dealing with food addictions and emtional eating...I think even more than terrorism, smoking, drunk driving, auto and plane accidents our eating habits are our nation's BIGGEST killer hands down ....

Back when I was 17  25 years ago, I got a lot of flack for being vegetarian. I knew of NO ONE at that time who was vegetarian. Now, flash forward, I am seeing the ramifications of their choices and my choices. We do indeed, reap what we sow. I am on day 48 of my juice feast and still LOVE it.

I am very saddened and yet very hopeful at the present state of affairs of the course most people are on.

Juicing and having other alternative ways of dealing with stress are critical to living a long-healthy life.

I am working on my 6-week course that will be held via tele-conference. Sign up for my free newsletter at and recieve updates on when those classes will be held....

It's time for CHANGE.....


  1. Just a quick note - your "fruit doctor" link is missing the "r" in fruit and makes it "broken". Reading your blog. I am looking for simple recipes that do not have a whole bunch of "exotic" ingredients that I won't eat or be able to find easily.

  2. Thank you so much for pointing that spelling error out to me, Heather, I fixed it. :)

    What types of ingredients would you consider "exotic" or hard to find?



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