Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 35: Iceburg Lettuce--Is it Really Nutritionally Inferior to Darker Greens?

Day 35 and just another day...had a friend e-mail me and ask if romaine lettuce was as nutritious as the other darker leafy greens like kale and such. Heck ya! I make sure I get AT LEAST two heads of romaine in a day because they fill up almost my entire day's requirements of vitmans, minerals and EFA's.

So I got to thinking about the poor reputation of iceburg lettuce. Is it really deserved to be believed that it, too, is "nutritionally inferior" to other "dark" leafy greens just 'cause it's light green?

The short answer is NO.

Why? Well, if you are trying to get in Omega 3 fatty acids which are severely deficient in our diets, iceburg is one of the leafy greens that has a 2 to 1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 which is totally opposite of most grains.

Also, it is extremely high in Vitamin E at 1.4 IU's a head, so 2 heads a day gives you 1/5 of your daily recommended allowance which is a very important anti-oxidant to get into our diets to prevent macular degeneration of our eyes and dry skin. Think of iceburg lettuce as skin-beauty food.

It is high in vitamin A: 3790 IU's per head and Vitamin C: 21 grams a head which is 1/3 our RDA--two heads will give you almost 2/3 of your daily recommended quota.

It is also high in B vitamins and as much zinc as romaine lettuce does.

In juices, it has the same mild taste as cucumber. Besides, it's more affordable than many other "exotic" greens.

So, if you have shyed away from this leafy green due to bad rumors as to it's nutritional "inferior-ness" think again. Add this to your juice and get a good dose of your  daily intake of Vitamin E and Panthothenic acid, an important B vitamin for your adrenals which helps for stress,

With that, dear juicers, I leave you with some motivation. It's not always easy keeping on the juicy path. I am available for coaching at and I have a forum you can join as well at


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