Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 39: Making it through the Tough Spots...

This was my mantra today. Over and over and over again. I was tired. I was hungry. I was frustrated. I am about a week late on my female cycle and I wanted FOOD.

I've been doing about 4 hours a day of walking and coming home late and pushing myself on my PhD studies and other responsibilities and have the regular PMS blues...not really, actually, which is what kept me going and why it's so worth it, but definitely a feeling of "okay, will you START already?!?" lol

Just found out from a friend who did a 5-month juice feast that she lost her period while on her juice cleanse. So I feel better. Nothing to worry about. Maybe I'm actually ON my period right now and don't know it?? Wouldn't that be great?

Being patient is not one of my strong points and this was definitely a dark hour before dawn. A time I want to comfort myself with some old stand-bys but I didn't give in. No sirree. I stood strong and kept on juicing.

I am going to sleep in tomorrow and take it easy. I need a break 'cause I'm mentally burnt out.

I wanted to post this 'cause it's so easy to write about the good stuff. I wanted to be realistic and show you the good, bad and the ugly.

I'm okay and eager to wake up to tomorrow being day 40. Just tired and complaining a bit. :)

That said, I made some sweet potato juice today. MAN, was that good. If you like cooked sweet potatoes, you will love this juice. Tastes like sweet potato pie. And it's really nutritious, too.

I'm almost at the half way mark and then it's all downhill from there. One. Day. At. A. Time.

Oh, and another cool thing  about today: they opened up a new market in town with a huge organic produce section and health food section. Yay. Boise is finally getting some more options. :)

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