Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 25: The Myth of Moderation

I learned the above statement was so true as an aerobics instructor/personal trainer watching people come and work out for two hours hard core at the gym and being very fit, but overfat.

Diet is 80% of how you look. Sure, there are enormous benefits to exercise and it is a key factor in health, but if we are to put things in perspective and ESPECIALLY if we are to take away the rationalizing and denial, every morsel counts.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has a chapter in his book "Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease" entitled "The Myth of Moderation".  You'd be surprised at how much fat that just supposedly "little cheats" add on our bodies.

Being clean in the respect goes a LONG way....if you want to put your efforts where they count, then stay true to your nutrition program.

HOWEVER, if you want a shapely body, you gotta do weights. Hard. Cardio can be done in a half hour max. Stretch for stress relief and flexibility.

But stay honest and true to eating clean 100% of the time and get the results you desire.

Today is Day 25 of my juice feast: 3 more days to go until my 4 week mark. I am tired and hungry. I don't think the spotting the other day was my real period and I'm sure I'm still PMS-ing as these are my typical PMS symptoms. So, I got one more week or so before they go away. :)

I'm here for the duration, though and look forward to starting my 2nd month of juice cleansing...

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  1. I hope that most of your menstrual problems will decrease even more after your juice fasting!


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