Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 18: the BEAUTY of Fruits and Vegetables

Blueberry Endocarp

Red Pepper

Corn Husk

The above are microscopic images of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables, if there was a food beauty pageant, would win hands down. Their colors and shapes, scents (perfume) and flavors make them the most attractive of the food kingdom.

Even on a microscopic level. This beauty is transferred to us when we eat them. Times that by an accelerator when you juice.

Several Hollywood beauties juice: Jaclyn Smith, Goldie Hawn, Christy Brinkley and more. These are women who have maintained their beauty well into their 50's and 60's. Granted, some may have had some "help" with the surgeons knife. But, there is an undeniable glow to their faces that surgery cannot give.

Plants like flowers and fruits and vegetables have natural compounds that help them avoid sun exposure damage. Imagine the delicate petals of flowers baking in the sun in hot summer day.

We can even make beautiful fruit art like fruitarian Anne Osborne does:

I have often wondered about the beauty found in carrots and beets---the intense colors....that are under the soil unseen to the human eye...and the spectacular coral reefs and tropical fish under the blue ocean waters...

And now these microscopic pictures showing stunning beauty down to the cellular level.

This was no accident. There is a designer who imagined beauty in sunsets, in animals, flowers, food and ocean vistas. When we eat the foods found in nature, we, too become an object of beauty....think about it. Man has lost his beauty by the time of teenhood, oftentimes, by the ingesting of processed foods. Most children are takes a few years of malnutrition via food to lose that.

It can be reversed, though, by a diet high in raw foods found in nature. Eat beautiful foods to become beautiful yourself. :)

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  1. Lovely post! =)
    I'm amazed at how fabulous fresh fruits and green can smell and taste. They're appealing to me on so many levels...and they certainly make one feel beautiful (and happy). I also love to see the looks on people's faces when they see beautiful displays of fruit. We're clearly made for each other. :)


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