Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 23: One quarter of the way there...

I have officially broken my previous fasting record of 22 days today. I am on Day 23....

I also started P90X. Fortunately, having owned my own personal training business and having been an aerobics instructor for several years, I knew how to modify it so my arms didn't fall off. The program is something to work up to so I didn't do all the sets and didn't do pull-ups for my back, but bent over rows instead.

I ran intervals on the treadmill and also had a great talk on the phone with a dear friend who's going to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and start juicing. :)

I think people can see the results and intuitively they know this is a beneficial thing for them.

I am also PMS-ing which is always my most dangerous time of the month. I get moody, tired, cravings, etc.

I am tired today, but I think it's from the exercise and time zone change of coming back home.

But, I wanted to put it out there for some accountability and support. I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK THIS FAST......not yet anyways.

My husband says the produce guy told him to tell me not to get too skinny. I've only lost 5 lbs since I started and I was 5 lbs lighter than I am right now when I was in high school which was not skinny by any means.

Today we got snow and it was freezing with a biting cold wind. I am looking forward to spring coming. Here's to a juicy March....:)

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