Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 42: Irritability and Toxic Thoughts

So I am heading into the week that brings my juice feast to the 1/2 way mark.

One would expect that as this continues that I would be  feeling  better and better, right?

Well, not exactly. Dr. Max Gerson said that our liver regenerates itself every 6 weeks. My six week mark is this Wednesay and I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but this weekend I was very irritable. Plus it's raining outside when we expected it to be sunny warm weather this weekend.

We tried to go outdoors and enjoy ourselves yesterday and we got our bikes out to go by the river and the first time out my husband's pedal broke. So we went home and fixed it and I said "why don't we give it a second try"?

Well, this time the chain on my bike came off and my bike couldn't get into gear. It eventually fixed itself, but by that time I was so grouchy we just went home.

Irritability is caused by toxins being in the blood stream which irritates our tissues on the way out..

It was a tough weekend to get through, but I am committed so I used some techniques to get through it and am juicing on....

Again, I just wanted to share my journey with you as transparently as possible so that when and if you decide to embark on your own journey, you know to not expect smooth sailing the entire time and can reread my journey and see my break thoughs afterwards and that it's all just temporary...

I also know that my tissues are releasing some old stuff because I've been having some cravings for some cooked foods....

These all are like clouds in the sky passing through....and I let them on their path.

As a fellow juicer remarked "Don't stop juicing until your life changes."

My revised motto is: "Don't stop juicing until the miracle happens."

We go through the grinder and come out the other side a new person: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

There are no foods to numb out the emotions...just breathing and attending to our thoughts and distorted thinking. That's part of the healing process and unless our inner person does not catch up with the new outer person, lasting change does not occur.

Our new outer selves then become an outer reflection of what has happened internally and becomes our new normal, our new set-point.

It takes 30 days to establish a new habit and 90 days to make it automatic....

I have some more exciting news to share with you guys.....but more on that later. :)

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