Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 20: The Juicing Obstacles were Conquered

What a DAY. I started off the day with going to a local farmer's market and got some blood oranges, guavas, and apples. I later got some more tomatoes for a delicous salsa juice I just CRAVE.

Then, we took a drive up into the Santa Cruz mountains into the beautiful Redwoods. When my mother died, we spread her ashes up on top in a beautiful clearing that overlooks the Monterey Bay and we went and visited that spot again. Just as peaceful and beautiful as when we last were there.

We then headed up to San Francisco city for the day. It was a gorgeous day and everybody, and I do mean everybody was out. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that going to Golden Gate park and the Zoo did not look like enjoyable options, so later we just decided to go down to Fisherman's Wharf and hang out and we took a boat tour of the Bay which took us under the Golden Gate bridge and around Alcatraz. I didn't know that the name Alacatraz came from the spanish word for Pelican because there used to be so many pelicans there.

While en route to the Wharf, we stopped by Trader Joes to get my husband some smoothies and called Millenium restaurant to book reservations. They are a four-star vegetarian restaurant. After learning that they had neither fruit smoothies nor juices and it was around $100 per person to dine there, we decided instead to go somewhere else.

I had remembered Juliano had a raw restaurant close to Golden Gate park so we scouted around there to see if it was still there. It wasn't and had gone out of business about 10 years ago. While looking, we found a Loving Hut, which is a vegan restaurant. They had smoothies, but no juice. A local patron told me about Herbivore and said they had juice.

While going back to find my husband who was circling looking for parking, I found a local vitamin shop that also had a juice bar. It was run by an Egyptian woman who said she had been in business longer than Juilano's (she was right across the street from where his restaurant used to be) and she custom made a apple, carrot, lemon, beet juice for me.

I asked her if they juiced over in Egypt and she said yes, they did. I was surprised at that. I asked her if she had seen the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and she said she hadn't. I wrote it down for her. I told her that I was on Day 20 of my juice feast and she asked me how long I was going for. I told her 90 days and her eyebrows raised a bit. She was impressed.

She also had raw food as well as other vegan food. What I love about San Francisco is that nobody bats an eyelash at you when you tell them you are juice feasting. It's so open here.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find Herbivore and when I tried to call them later to get directions, I got some young workers (by young, I mean early 20s) who didn't drive but took the bus as their main transportation and so they couldn't give me directions to their restaurant and told me to GPS it. Aside from being very bad service, it caused them to lose a sale. So, we went back to Santa Cruz where we went to an old favorite, Dharma's, a vegetarian restaurant, where they made me 24 oz of half OJ with half carrot juice and that was my day. I had finished yet another day of successful juicing in spite of all of the smells at Ghiradelli square and all the food restaurants down there and not having juice bars close by.

Tomorrow I will buy some more pineapples because one of my favorite juices is pineapple, parsley, romaine. Plus, my salsa juice. :)

I am noticing how much better I am handling stress while on juice. I don't know if it's because I'm more alkaline, but the less stress on my digestion has enabled me to have an emotional balance and clarity which is nice.

My blood sugar is really stable. I did notice the last couple of days a slight sore throat that comes very briefly and then leaves just as briefly. My lymphatic system is clearing out I suppose as my body goes deeper into cleaning house. Nothing major, hardly even worth mentioning, but for what it's worth, it's there.

Fatigue also comes and goes, but again, nothing major.

Speaking of fatigue, It's now past my bedtime and I am sleeping in tomorrow. We've covered a lot of ground since here and I am looking forward to some shut eye. I have no doubt that tomorrow and Monday will be two more successful days and Tuesday will be the official 1/4 of the way done mark....

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