Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 34: Loving Your Body Enough to Get to Know it...

At day 34 of my juice feast, I woke up to another 3 lb weightloss bringing me to 112lbs about 2 lbs over what I weighed in high school. Looking in the mirror, I am seeing new cuts and contours almost daily. Fun stuff... Did P90X abs, chest and back today and ran 1/2 hour on the treadmill doing high intensity intervals..

The above image I found fascinating. It is a thermography, showing the heat changes in the body during fighting off breast cancer. Breast cancer is associated with the lymphatic system and you can see the lymph glands in the armpits and neck are fighting hard, too.

In addition, it's been said that bras tend to restrict blood flow to the breasts and are associated with increased risk for breast cancer and notice how right underneath the breasts you can see the body is working harder....

The other photo was also posted on Facebook recently and again, I found this fascinating. Notice the fatty deposits in the person's brain on the left? Also notice how the ankle and knee/hip joints are out of alignment because of the stress of carrying the extra weight?

Also notice the enlarged liver and heart and all the fat around the organs in the middle associated with diabetes and heart disease? This my friend is from eating a diet high in High Fructose Corn Syrup and animal foods. This can be reversed if you want to.

I made a video a couple of years ago entitled "What Goes In, Doesn't Always Come Out":

I had gone to an exhibit called "BodyWorlds" where they showed plastinated cadavers body's. It was fascinating to see fatty livers, uterus's with fibroids, lungs of smokers and those who had worked in coal mines...among other things.

I think we are in massive denial about our diets because we can't SEE what's under our "hoods" without being cut open.

It's unfortunate, because just because we can't "see" it doesn't mean that it's not happening...most things that we eventually see, like rust and even young sprouts of seeds we planted in the ground, were growing for some time before it became visible to us.

Same with our health. There are chemical changes going on in our bodies daily. Acne, rashes, boils, discolorations...should all clue us in that all of this type of thing is happening inside as well...

Loving ourselves requires the courage to not only DARE TO SEE...but also the courage to act on that knowledge promptly to reverse the trend and take care of ourselves. Just like you wouldn't look under the hood of your car and see a serious problem and then just shut the hood back down and ignore it because you can't see it anymore, so too, we need to act by eating a healthy diet, juice feasting if necessary and avoid eating all the processed junk that comes in pretty wrappers.

The body on the left of the photo below got that way by eating the foods in the top of the photo above. The body on the right in the photo below got that way by eating the foods in the bottom of the photo above. It is really Simple Math if you think about it. But, we don't do it. Why is that???


  1. I really enjoy following your juice feast. I think everybody needs this. What a great way to cleanse without fasting. Weight loss is a good sign the body is cleaning. Afterwards your body will rebuild and normalize with healthy tissues. I do hope for some pictures. I bet you are glowing!!!
    I am really addicted to my green juices. I prefer them over salads now.

    That body scan says it all! WOW!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen. It's been an interesting experience. I don't miss eating at all. I love my juice and have found some delicous recipes that satiate me completely.

    As for the weightloss, It's only been 8lbs and when I did my 22 day fast which was 13 days shorter than this one, I did OJ only for a week and water only for the last two weeks and my weight got down to 95lbs which was 17 lbs more than where I am now.

    Clearly, I was losing way more muscle on the water only fast and I can tell a difference this time around. My body composition is had completely changed and I am not getting "skinny fat". In fact, I am gaining muscle with the weight training I'm doing which supposedly "can't be done" according to who you talk to. I"m only getting 6% of my calories from protein, too.

    Go figure. :)

  3. Oh wow, you are on the right track! I didn't realize you were also weight training, (I have only been following for a week). Well then of course you will be gaining muscle. We are on the perfect diet for that. No matter if you are eating or drinking you veggies/fruits.

    Ya a two week water, you would clearly loose muscle. Got to feed the muscles to keep them!
    I wasn't able to do hardcore endurances races until I switched over to this diet. 6% protein is the perfect amount!


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