Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 24: You are Up to Any challenge that comes your way

The above phrases are my mantras for Day 24. As the emotional stresses present themselves as they usually do once or twice a month, I am confronted with how am I going to handle the stress...?

The phrase "Don't look're not going that way" speaks to the future that I am creating and have COMPLETE CONTROL over. Whatever hurts or disappointments in the past, stay there. I can meet any challenge that comes my way and cope with it and turn it into something that works to my benefit.

I am creating my destiny one day, one hour, one juice at a time. The way that I am going is totally something of my choosing and I choose life, love and happiness. Some things will come my way that I won't be able to control, but I CAN control my reaction to it and what I let it do to me.

I can also devise a plan and work my plan.

I ran intervals today and worked my triceps with weights.

I mentioned yesterday that I was PMS-ing. I may have spoke too soon...I started spotting last night so it's interesting the effect the juice feast is having on my female cycle. Last month when I started my juice feast, I was a week late, now, if this is indeed my period, I will be a week and a half early.

I am not worried since many others have shared that their female cycles went a little off kilter when they juice feasted.

I am staying the juicy course and keeping up with my exercise program.

Barreling down the road to day one month anniversary is less than one week away....

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