Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 19: Keeping the Faith

So today is the last day that I am a Juicing Teenager. Day 19 down, on the cusp of Day 20 tomorrow....

Had a beautiful day with spectacular weather after flying into sunny Northern California and spent the day in Monterey and Santa Cruz.

I had made my morning juice the night before so I could clean and pack my juicer. The overnight juice did not taste as good as fresh juice. Note to self: fresh is best. Live and learn.
Brought my juicer with me in my carry on and got the FULL PAT DOWN from TSA when I went through security at the juicer was flagged so I got to tell the agent about my juice feast while she swabbed my juicer for explosives (?) which she thought was cool. She apologized and saw all my juicers and blenders (for hubby's smoothies) and put them back into my bag.

Got of the plane and went straight to Whole Foods (yikes! they are expensive) and then cruised around town. Went to Cafe Gratitude to see if I could get a juice since we still hadn't checked into the hotel and got another sticker shock: over $8 for a 16 glass of juice that didn't really sound that good. Wow. I decided to wait until I got back to my hotel room and had a juicing fest.

Tomorrow is a trip to the local farmer's market and up to San Francisco for the day. I will juice all my juices before I go and take them with me so I don't get hungry.

I feel victorious at having planned ahead and having it go so smoothly.

I"m having a great time and will continue to juice's to a juicy weekend. :)


  1. Michele, I am so impressed with your commitment! Good for you for being able to do this while traveling.
    I'm away at a conference for a few days, and while I'm not juicing, I did bring my blender and lots of spinach and bananas with me. I've been making my green smoothies and fruit salads in my room at the B&B before heading off to the conference, and have been making green smoothies each morning for the woman who runs the place.
    I can't wait to get back to juicing when I get home!!! I miss it.

  2. You know, Joanna, Joe Cross had a generator in the back of his rental car in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to power his juicer and bought his veggies at a stand by the road...I AM committed and I find it empowering to know we can follow our lifestyle wherever we go.

    Good on you for bringing your food and blender. :)

    There's been too many good friends dropping like flies lately. I am more convinced than EVER of the importance of taking care of one's health. I'm in it for the long haul...and I love the benefits I'm getting.


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