Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 43: Just Your Example Inspires Others

Day 43 was a cold dark rainy kind of day. Went shopping to stock up on yams and pineapple and the lady at the supermarket saw the 6 pineapples in my cart and said "You must really like pineapple". I said, "I do. I juice them." She raised her eyebrows and said "Really?!?" I said, "Yeah. With sweet potato." More raised eyebrows....

We don't need to preach..our example as we shop, as we eat, as we don't come down with the office cold, as we buy new clothes as our old ones don't fit anymore, as we don't age as fast as our contemporaries and they guess we are way younger than we really are....all speak that what we are doing is WORKING.

I will be making a video soon about all the dietary myths out there. And there are a LOT.

I was working with a man who used to make $150,000 a year selling cattle feed to dairy farmers. At those wages, I asked him how much he thought dairy farmers were making each year. He replied "Oh millions, easily".

At those rates, the agenda's they promote about their products being good for us are called into question.

The number one dietary lie that vegans are living testament to the untruthfulness of it is that we need huge amounts of protein in order to be healthy and to survive.

Change has always been so hard for humans. We are creatures of habits and we have delicate egos. We don't like to be wrong and we don't like to think that we've been misled.

However, vibrant health requires humility and an open mind and willingness to examine what has or has not been working for us.

I couldn't sleep last night so I was up all night online searching through vegan recipes so I can make raw versions of them.

So many nutrients are lost in the cooking process: certain B vitamins and vitamin C are destroyed by light and heat.

Raw plant-based nutrition is so life sustaining...all the phyto-chemicals and nutrients that haven't even been discovered yet.

I just watched "Hungry for Change". That documentary wasn't really about the benefits of being plant-based but rather avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup and MSG which cause us to gain weight and cause mood disorders.

I really loved the message at the end about loving who we are RIGHT NOW unconditionally and accepting who we are completely. Self-love is the foundation of a healthy diet. We have to have a WHY for eating superior nutrition and what better "why" than we are worth it?

Deep down, eating a processed devitalized diet is a slow form of suicide, a denial of life itself and all the potential inside of us.

Our vulnerability is our best defense and by going raw, we become "raw" in our emotions...I am so grateful for my pioneer friends who have forged this juicing path before me who reassured me that this irritability is indeed normal and does indeed go away....if I just stay the course.

I, too, wanted to chart my journey so that you can know that as a coach, I've been where you are going and have personal experience.

So often we look at the fit and thin and think "oh, that's just genes" or "it's easy for you to eat healthy".

We didn't see their process of getting there and that's why "before and after" photos inspire us so much. We are actually able to SEE with our own eyes that someone went from unhealthy, unfit and fat to slender and glowing with vitality.

Health is earned by daily habits. What we repeatedly do. What we do when we don't want to do it. Day after day after day.

As I forge through this rough spot, there is a spot deep within me that knows what's on the other side...and knows what to do to get there. Emotions are just passing electrical currents...they are not reality. Weather is just passing through...the sun always comes back out again.

As I go through this cleansing, I am reminded of all the trans fats I've put into my body all these years with candy bars, cakes, ice cream, etc, and how much I love my body for working so hard to get that stuff out now that I've started cooperating with it.

Detoxing is such a small price to pay for good health and it is so temporary. We often think "I can't stand it" but we CAN stand it. We are bigger than detox. The infinite wisdom of our bodies ask us to slow down our daily pace so it can direct it's energies towards cleaning house so it can return to it's orginal pristine condition.

We are constantly in the process of becoming. We decide how much of our human potential we realize. We've been set here on earth for a reason and we need to put great fuel into our bodies to fulfill that purpose.

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