Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 29: The Fruit Doctor

We've become a medicated society. We take medicine for EVERYTHING.

We have a food supply that is made in factories, not the soil, and our soil has chemicals in it that has killed off the beneficial bacteria and depleted the nutrients.

Instead of giving a listening ear or a hug, we give a anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drug.

Kids are given Ritalin instead of attention.

The Fruit Doctor aims to give non-medical lifestyle changes to help you live a long and happy life.

I have healed from endometriosis and rosacea and am on Day 29 of a juice feast (I'm going 90 days) to further heal my allergies and Raynaud's.

If you have a condition that you are struggling with and just "living with" maybe it's time for you to reboot, too.

I am also doing P90X exercise program to develop muscle and change my body fat composition.

I believe in a raw vegan plant-based diet which is the optimal diet for our well-being. We've been brain washed into believing we need gobs of protein or else our hair will fall out or we'll waste away.

I have water-only fasted for 22 days before (I drank only OJ the first week and water only the last two weeks) and got down to 95lbs. I am currently 115 lbs and am on day 29 which is a full week longer than that fast. I have not only not lost muscle which is what I did on my water only fast, but have GAINED muscle as well as lost inches. Fat takes up more space than muscle and yet is not as heavy as muscle so I've been getting "too skinny" comments even though I've *only* lost 5 lbs.

Join me on my journey as you change and transform your life with lightness and joy.

If you don't take care of your body, where ya gonna live? Make it a GREAT life. :)


  1. Love your post, and your energy! It's contagious! Thanks for posting! I want to follow! :)

  2. Michele, how tall are you? and what do you think your "ideal" weight will become after you finish your fast? I know everyone is built differently, but its still nice to get a general feel of where a person should be. Why did you pick 90 days to juice fast?

  3. Hey Mary! I am 5'2" and am not doing this for weight loss, but to clear up some allergies and Raynaud's.

    When I was in high school I was 110 lbs and I had a personal trainer who said my ideal would probably be around 105. It'll be interesting to see where I land since I am doing weight training which adds on healthy weight.

    I am not so focused on weight as on body composition. I think a healthy fat-to-muscle ratio is what is ideal and healthful and that often does not translate to weight loss. I can see that my body composition has changed way more from juice feasting and exercising than it did when I water fasted and didn't exercise.

    I chose 90 days because I've known many that have done a 90-day challenge and benefited from it and didn't really have much weight to lose when they started and finished very healthy.

    Also, Dr. Max Gerson has shown the the liver which is our primary detoxification organ regenerates itself every 6 weeks. So a 90-day feast of juices allows my liver to regenerate twice on nothing but optimum nourishment from fruits and vegetable juices. Dr. Gerson used vegetable and fruit juices plus cooked food of potatoes and vegetables to heal people from a range of diseases very successfully.

    In the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross did a 60-day juice feast as did Phil Staples with great results.

    I have a friend who did a 6-month juice feast and said it was the best experience of her life.

    In addition, my 90th day will be a day after I turn it's a great gift to myself. :)

  4. In addition, one of the reasons aside from the weight training, that I'm not losing weight is because I am drinking 2000 calories if not more per day. If I were eating the same foods with the fiber, I would be taking in the same amount of calories. Weightloss occurs only when the calories burned exceed the amount ingested.

    Hope that helps. :)


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