Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blending Versus Juicing: Which is better?

When it comes to health, there are a lot of opinions. Some are established in fact, where as a lot are established in belief.

When it comes to whether to blend or whether to juice, we have to look at it from a few different angles to come up with an answer....sort of.

My general rule of thumb that I have found out from personal experience in trial and error:

1) I blend my fruits and lettuce greens

2) and I juice roots like carrots,beets and hard leaves like cabbage, celery and cucumber.


Well, I noticed that my blood sugar was way off when I drank fresh fruit juices. I needed the fiber to slow down the absorption.

I also noticed that when I did juice fasts that there was no fiber to keep my bowels moving, which didn't feel right. I like the fact the smoothies provide enough bulk so that enemas are not necessary like they are when one juices exclusively.

Drinking green smoothies enables one to take in way more leafy greens than they otherwise would "chew" in a salad. Leafy greens are such an important source of nutrition it's ridiculous.

Entire groups of big powerful animals power their physiques eating exclusively greens. When people ask me where I get my protein from, I always say "the same place gorillas, elephants and giraffes get it--from leafy greens." Greens provide more protein per calorie than meat does. And lots of iron, B-vitamins, folate, magnesium, calcium and vitamin A and C and some varieties, Vitamin E.

Fruits provide very important soluble fiber that we need.


When we juice, we take out part of the very important nutrition.

That said, I don't think vegetable juices are bad for us, especially since most of us have eaten such nutrient-poor diets.

Even Dr. Max Gerson later amended his program to include way more vegetable juices than fruit juices particularly for diabetics.

So, ideally, we can use our veggie juice for the base of our smoothie instead of water and then add in our whole fruit, whole leafy greens and BLEND the two together to make a nutrient AND fiber packed smoothie that fills us up without filling us out.

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