Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why RAW and why REAL?

When thinking about what to title my blog, I knew I wanted to talk about raw food because I know it's so vital to health, but I also knew I didn't want to label myself any particular type of "raw" because there's enough hair-splitting in the raw food world as it is.

I also wanted to keep it real. Raw food for real people. How do we eat healthfully in today's modern world?

 And I wanted people to eat REAL food. From the ground and not from a box or a jar.

We keep it raw because the sun has already cooked our food for us. On a hot day, you can literally cook an egg on your driveway. When fruits and vegetables are ripening on the vine or tree, they are being heated by the sun's rays to just the right state for our consumption.

The sun's energy is trapped in those foods to provide the raw materials for combustion inside of our bodies to be used as fuel. When we cook our food, the food reaches combustion outside of our bodies and thus is no different than putting ashes inside of a campfire circle and expecting to get a fire from it. We wouldn't do that, but instead we would use the fresh, raw wood that creates combustion when it is lit.

Same with our bodies. Raw food has all the nutrients we need. Some vitamins are heat sensitive and are destroyed while cooking. Cooking also deranges DNA in food and thus in our bodies. What happens to your hand when you hold it over a flame? You get burned, right? If it's a surface burn, and not too many cells are destroyed, the DNA within the body uses proteins to recreate new replacement cells to repair the hand.

However, if the burn is deep and severe enough then cell replication cannot take place and there is a permanent wound and scar.

The sun cooks our food to just the right temperature and no more. Our bodies do the rest.

Inside of a compost pile temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. We, too, have bacteria in our bodies that "composts" our food. We don't need to cook our food before we eat it. Our bodies cook it inside of us.

We keep it REAL by eating REAL food. The general public does not know what happens to real food during the refining process into fake food.

In the book "Twinkie, Deconstructed" the author takes each ingredient of a Twinkie, one by one, and explains how each ingredient is made. It is very eye-opening and actually disgusting. Some dyes to color our food  are actually made from bug bodies.When you know how your food is actually made, you would go raw overnight.

The other book I've been reading is "Fats that Heal--Fats that Kill". He makes the same point. Manufacturers actually use gasoline on seeds to break down the fibers to extract the oil. They also bleach the oil and do a bunch of other horrendous things to it which render it nutritionally void and tasteless, yet it now  has a long shelf life.

That's it in a nutshell folks: real food has very little shelf life and fake food lasts forever.

Has anyone seen the outtake of "Supersize Me" at the end of the DVD where they find a french fry from McDonald's under his car seat that's two years old and looks exactly the same as a freshly made one?

Long shelf life benefits the producer to minimize loss of inventory and not the consumer that puts it into their bodies and expects it to rebuild their health.

Real food is food that is ideally grown organically, from the soil and has nothing added to it and has not been altered in any way. Nor does it need to be because it tastes amazing as-is.

So, from here on out, let's keep it RAW and let's keep it REAL.

Straight talk, Awesome health. Real results.

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