Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So What's YOUR Bucket List?

So have you seen the movie "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson? Where they both are diagnosed with terminal diseases and share a hospital room together and vow to live out dreams they wrote on their "bucket list" to do before they die and then go out and do them?

What's on YOUR bucket list?

I started my bucket list in my late teens. I wanted to travel the world, learn a foreign language, get and STAY married (my parents had been married multiple times), pay off my house (which I did by the time I was in my mid-30's--only to go and buy another one!), and live with integrity (that one will be a living commitment that never gets fulfilled--it's a day to day goal).

I've hit all of my goals. I've traveled to almost 40 countries, learned enough spanish to get by but wouldn't say I am fluent, paid off my house and both cars, and try to live each day with integrity and will hit my 20-year anniversary next May.

I need new goals. So here goes:

1) Buy a piece of land and grow my own food and be fully self-sufficient.

2) Write at least one book if not more.

3) Travel MORE of the world. :) (It's in my blood. I LOVE to travel)

4) Touch people's lives for the better. Have other's feel that their lives are for the better for having had known me.

5) Be in the best possible shape ever.

6) Get my degree in Natural Health.

So, your turn. What's on YOUR bucket list? And what's holding you back from doing it? If you haven't done it yet, why not? When are you going to start? What action plan do you have?

There are the proverbial 3 types of people:

1) Those who MAKE things happen

2) Those who watch things happen

3) And those who ask "What Happened?"

What do you need to do to put yourself in the first category? It starts with written goals.

It progresses with making a plan and then breaking it down into workable steps.

And then it goes to MAKING A DEADLINE--and a commitment to someone else--to provide incentive to get started. Procrastination is the bane of any'll get done tomorrow....

Let's start right here, right now, sharing what your bucket list dreams are, and committing OUTLOUD to doing ONE THING on your action plan towards fulfulling that dream.

So, starting tomorrow, I am doing my 30-day juice/smoothie feast. I actually started a week ago, but so what? Eating healthy is always better done MORE, not less.

I am saving up to travel, and I will commit to writing Chapter 1 of a book by the end of December. I am learning to grow stuff indoors as well as growing my fruit trees in my backyard and garden, so I am preparing for when I have more land. And I will do one book and one test per week towards my degree.

Your turn, how 'bout you?

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