Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is Eating Healthy EXPENSIVE???

It depends. If you eat out several times a week, buy $5 latte's at Starbucks everyday and eat out for lunch often, you will most likely save money eating this way.

Plus, you need to add up all the prescription pills you take, doctor's and dental visit bills, etc, to tally up the "real" cost of eating unhealthy.

That said, I went shopping today to prepare to see how much this is going to cost each day. I wanted to share it with you because a popular refrain I hear is that "I'd love to eat healthy but it's just too expensive".

Here's the deal, folks. Eating healthy is not expensive---eating unhealthfully is. Just not up front. The true costs of lost work time, medical bills, lost quality of life, money spent on cosmetics, clothes and surgeries to fix poor appearance due to bad health---all adds up.

I remember seeing a group of people being interviewed in the movie "Food, Inc". A Mexican family was saying that they have diabetes because all they can afford is Fast Food.


Here's how much it's going to cost for my Juice Feast PER DAY:

Apples:             $1.96
Red Lettuce:     $1.48
Kale:                $ .98
Carrots            $ 1.56
Iceburg            $1.96
Cabbage          $1.60
Bananas           $.79

So for $10.31 a day, how much it would cost to eat out for ONE lunch or ONE dinner, I am getting ultra-nutrition each day. This is $310 a MONTH. Not bad.

I am full and satiated, like the way I look and feel and have tons of energy.

So about how much time it's going to take you. Yes, it's going to take time to juice and prepare your food. But again, not any more so than making most other meals from scratch. Microwave meals don't count.

And, as for grabbing a quick "bite on the run" can get to a supermarket store just as easily as you can go to a fast food store. Have a knive and tupperware in your car to cut up melons, etc. I have a lunch tote that I prepare each morning that has a bunch of bananas, a glass tupperware with cut up honeydew melon and a fork, and head of romaine lettuce in it. Each morning is a smoothie and each evening when I get home is another smoothie. That's my day.

If you've seen the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", you saw Joe had a juicer in his car and juiced in his hatchback while driving cross country.

So no excuses for eating healthy.

It's affordable.

It's do-able.

It tastes good.

It gets you the results you want.

Start on a Friday morning because if you've been eating junk, by Friday afternoon you're going to have a slamming headache. Go to bed when you get home from work Friday night and sleep most of the weekend.

Come Monday you'll still feel a little off, but by Tuesday or Wednesday, life should be getting good again.

You can do this.

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