Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 11: Breaking Through the Barriers

The woman in the red bathing suit above is 80 and a Bikram yoga instructor. Bam! Breaking through the age barrier!

I love showing what "can't" be done.

And I'm humbled by my own mental barriers that I still have.

And yet I'm excited by how I daily smash them. Ones given to me by imperfect and wounded parents who gave me a bag of fears and lies that gradually one day at a time I am handing back as not useful to me anymore.

I am loving who I am becoming more and more. Really feeling comfortable in my own skin.

AND, I keep daily checking that Marilyn Monroe/Albert Einstein photo I posted a week ago and day by day Albert keeps appearing more and more and I can't focus on Marilyn. :)

This juicy journey has been so enjoyable. I am learning new recipes and thoroughly enjoying my juice. When I get hungry, I drink more juice and I am fine. I go to work and get done what needs to get done, no fancy resorts I need to go to, no expensive out lay, just juice, juice, and juice. And it's even not that time-consuming either compared to preparing your food meal if you make a dish that's got a food processor and blender that you need to use to prepare stuff. I love the simplicity and the joy that is vibrating through me of looking forward to my next juice.

My favorites right now:






Thanks to all of you who keep sharing your luscious recipes with me. They are opening my eyes to new vistas daily.

I want a juice that uses mangoes or blueberries. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

I am excited about this journey 11 days in and looking forward to a trip I'm taking to Northern California soon for some  R&R. Just called TSA and I can bring my juicer on the plane with me. So I'm good to go!

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