Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 16: Armchair Quarterbacks

Armchair quarterbacks. This world's full of 'em. It's so easy to sit on the sidelines and critique those out there actually "playing" life's game.

Day 16 brings me to my second day of HIIT (high intensity interval training) running. I am feeling GREAT.

I feel this happiness and unstoppable enthusiasm bubbling up inside of me, kinda like "I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to".

As I said in my last post, my longest fast ever was 22 days. I am on Day 16 now and have no desire to stop. I feel like all of my needs physically and emotionally are being filled by juice.

I love this. Dare I even say that it's EASY???

I am having so much fun and it's work in the sense of actually making the juices and cleaning the juicer, but other than that, it's make, pour, drink, clean, done.


I can't wait to fast-forward until the end just to see where this takes me, not because I can't wait to eat, but the transformations have been exciting. Mostly mental. That's what I really appreciate. And yet those changes are the least "quantifiable" and sharable with other people.

They have to be experienced. No armchair quarterbacks allowed.

So, who's with me? Let's juice, baby. :)

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