Saturday, February 18, 2012

Juicy Inspiration

Aside from the movie Fat, Sick or Nearly Dead that inspired me to go juicy for so long and know that I would come out the other end better than when I started, was the other inspiration of real-life people that I had that made me want to do this.

Meet a good friend who went on a 6-month ( yes that is six months and is not a typo), juice fast of fruit juice only and look at the amazing transformation that took place in her:

What really stands out to me in these pictures and in the transformation of Joe and Phil in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary, aside from the weightloss, is the GLOWING SKIN that they got after drinking all that raw nutrition for so long.

In the BEFORE photos, the skin looks grey and dull, in the AFTER photos, it's peachy and radiant. Unbelievable.

My friend is now mostly raw vegan and has been for a number of years after she ended her juice fast. Thus for many people, juice feasting is a perfect transition to a new way of life. In fact, when she sent me these photos, she said seeing them was a good reminder of why she still eats this healthy.

Another person who inspired me to go this long is Angela Stokes-Monarch. She went on a 90-day juice feast and I'm sure you would agree that she looks radiant in this video where is is finally breaking her juice feast. Look at how her eyes are sparkling!

There are other inspirations as well. This is Penni Shelton 30 days into her 3-month juice feast and she looks radiant:

Why all the powerful transformations?

Because Raw fruits and veggies provide such vital nutrition that cooked food simply can't give us. Raw food is ALIVE food and when we eat/drink it we look and feel alive, too.

Living things emit electro-magnetic energy whereas dead things don't. In the book I'm reading on weeds, it says that all living things give off infrared radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. I'm sure that you would agree with me on the pictures above, though of the before and afters, that consuming living foods produces effects that are very visible to the naked eye. The other photos above show Kirlian images of the life force emitted by raw foods.

If there is any fear to be had, it should be in consuming cooked foods in mass quantities. Indeed, for me, consuming them in any quantity is something that produces a  drop in vitality. Alas, not everyone has the desire nor commitment to go 100% raw, but I encourage you to try it via a juice feast and see how you feel. Going back to cooked food afterwards will show you the contrast between how you look and feel and you can then decide if eating cooked foods is worth it to you.

Drink up, Juicy Peeps!

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