Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 15: What is your "Why?"

Someone shared the above picture on Facebook today and I love it. It is so true. We all may change ourselves to fit the mould that we think someone else wants us to be or do, but in the end, if it doesn't come from within, it's gonna eventually peter out.

So what is my WHY for doing a juice fast this long?

Well, for one thing, the challenge of it. I've done water-only fasts before for 12 days and 16 days and one fast that lasted 22 days: the first seven days were juice only and that last 15 days were water.

I learned a lot about myself during those times and this time is no different. Actually, in many ways, it is.

I am amazed at how satisified I am and how joyously I look forward to my juice. I almost am not looking forward to going back to eating.

The chewing, the chopping, the digesting of it. I love the simplicity of the juice and I love the variety of it. I love the satiation of it. I am just really loving it.

I am also noticing how detached I am from the "eating world" and how not jealous I am of them. In fact, I'm rather disgusted and feel rather sorry for them that they are missing out on what I am experiencing.

I am looking at all food so differently now and realize how vitally important hydration is and how dehydrated I was when I was eating before even when I was 100% raw. I never drank water because I was never thirsty, but now I realize a lot of my "hunger pangs" were actually cries for water and for nutrients.

Now that I'm getting BOTH as well as superb taste, I am TOTALLY SATISFIED. Even without fiber. It is  a very strange yet wonderful experience.

Today I made myself the "pizza juice" recipe. At first it didn't taste so good, but I played around with the recipe a bit and finally came up with a very italian-tasting juice. And Garlic breath.

I also had another first: I bought some guava at the store and juiced those. I added in some fennel and that was a very unique and refreshing juice. I then added in a blood orange, mango, romaine lettuce, celery and kiwis and had a very tropical-tasting juice. Again, I felt rich. I relished this "dinner" and loved every sip.

I had my produce guy tell me I was getting skinny and expressed concern about my desire to go for 90 days. My boss also was a little concerned, I could tell. I assured both of them that I was taking in 2000 calories a day and tracking all my nutrients in Cron-o-meter to make sure I was getting 100% daily of everything I need.

I even went running this morning and did intervals and then worked for 6 hours non-stop while on my feet all the time making smoothies, sandwiches and juices for customers as it was a very busy day and then went to a fruit tree pruning class in the evening and then came home and studied for my NH degree. No shortage of energy here!

I hope that my enthusiasm for this process is contagious and inspiring your own inner "fire" of motivation to test out the juicy waters. I have decided to help coach people through this process as it is so incredibly life changing that I desire everyone to experience it.

You can sign up here: and I create private groups or one-on-one sessions to track your nutrients and give you feedback and encouragement.

Stay tuned for pictures as I continue on this journey. My main goal at this point is improve my eyesight and some other health conditions and to change body composition mainly to gain some muscle while losing some body fat. I want to show that a person doesn't need tons of protein in their diet to gain healthy muscle and that all of that is just a myth perpetrated by the meat and dairy lobbyists as well as protein-powder supplement industry.

We can get all we need from fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices. :)

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