Friday, February 17, 2012

Get Juicy!

So I started a 90-day juice feast of drinking nothing but veggie juices with a touch of fruit juice for sweetness for the next 90 days. I'm on day 5 right now.

Why would I do that you ask?

Well, several reasons.

1) To see if I can. I've known several people who have done 90 days and some even for 6 months and their before and after shots were unbelievable. Even seeing the difference in Phil and Joe's skin in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and Joe only did 60 days.

2) I have some nagging health conditions I want to GET RID OF: allergies, Raynaud's and some deterioration of reading vision that's concerned me.

The above photo was posted on FB a week or so ago. Last week I could only see Marilyn. Now, Five days later, I am seeing more and more of Albert! This stuff really works. I can only imagine what's going to happen in 30, 60 and 90 days!

3) I turn 43 on day 89. I figure this is a great way to bring 43 in.

4) I work at a juice bar and make juices for people doing 3 and 5 day cleanses. So many people fear doing juice cleanses and missing a meal that they don't do it. I want to show that I can go to work every day, even build muscle and live my life while drinking nothing but juice.

I have water-only fasted before but this requires you to stay in bed while doing it. It also really depletes the body of nutrients. Juice feasting floods the body will tons of nutrients.

I have been logging my daily intake into Cron-o-Meter every day and here's what an average day's nutrient intake looks like:

1918 calories
Vitamin A: 351,038 (15047% RDA)
Vitamin C: 1084 (1445% RDA)
Vitamin E: 20.5 (135% RDA)
Vitamin B1: 3.2 (287% RDA)
Vitamin B2: 3.1 (280% RDA)
Vitamin B3: 27.3 (195% RDA)
Vitamin B5: 14.2 (284% RDA)
Vitamin B6: 5.2 (402% RDA)
Folate: 2793 (698% RDA)

Calcium: 1738 (174% RDA)
Magnesium: 829 (259% RDA)
Iron: 27.7 (154% RDA)
Manganese: 7.3 (406% RDA)
Sodium: 1518 (101% RDA)
Potassium: 14064 (299% RDA)
Phosphorus: 1751 (250% RDA)
Selenium: 22.1 (40% RDA)
Zinc: 11.7 (146% RDA)

My Omega 3's are off the charts, too: 1.8g (162%)

The only two things I am low in is selenium and my Omega 6 fats. The fats are on purpose and I'll blog on that at a later time.

The selenium I could bring up if I juiced a LOT of broccoli, but I'm not willing to do that, so if you have any better suggestions, I am all ears. :)

As you can see I am getting WAY MORE than I need in terms of nutrition and fuel to keep my body going, so this is totally safe for me to be doing.

I am excited about this journey and will blog when I see significant changes and milestones.

Please, if you have any reservations or negative comments to share, I ask that you reserve them. I am not interested in hearing any doubts. I know what I am doing is totally safe and have committed to share my story so that other's can ride along with me, but do ask for support only.

I have already noticed positive benefits and trust that I will continue to do so.

One thing that I've noticed already is that I am about a week late on my female cycle. And no, I am not pregnant. :)

I have not had any PMS, mood swings or cramps, however and that's been wonderful. I am also warmer than normal which is an improvement considering I am trying to get rid of Raynaud's.

I am learning all sorts of fun juicing recipes and my new favorite right now is carrot, butternut squash and oranges. I alternate that with a green juice and a "punch" (it tastes like punch to me) of beet, carrot, green apple and lemon.

If you have any cool juice recipes, I'd love to hear about those.'s to the next 3 months. Whooo Hoooooo!

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